Bilenor Forest Products Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company was founded by Forest Industry Engineer, Yasin BILGIN, as being a private company in 1994. Since the foundation of the company, it has dominantly concentrated on sellin raw metarial and semi finished product acquired from forest products while having reached wide expansion in due course.Since 2000s till today,Bilenor Forest Products has thus vastly contributed wood panel to gain a seat in the market of Turkey via fairs,publications and articles.

As of 2007,Bilenor Forest Products Industy and Foreign Trade Limited Company has been proceeding its business processing especially to the industrial trees that are grown in Rize and thereabouts. Accordingly, chestnut timber,wood panel, parquet and the window profiles have been produced utilizing those trees while having commenced marketing bearing its own brand.Besides its respective brand,brand new interior wooden furniture and accessories have been designed and offered to market bearing the brand of HVS Design created by associate designer of the company,HEVES BILGIN.

In 2016, the foundation of a new factory in Rize Organized Industrial Zone was initiated occupying an area of 14.000m² so as to be able to manufacture relativeky with much more higher capacity and variety.Bilenor has thus propered with a such a high acceleration as of its foundation and ithas also been a trustworthy and consistent company in its sector residing at its very same adress for 25 years.Bilenor does bestow contribution to sustainable natural enviroment paving the way for longlasting,durable and life friendly wooden products made of wood panels.